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The Keen Shot's Miscellany

The Keen Shot's Miscellany


A collection of 300 entries on the subject of game shooting past and present. The partner book to The Keen Foxhunter's Miscellany by the same author.

Every piece of useful record is here....... 'Boney Bum', for example.... 'Napoleon was a dangerous shot and once blasted the great military tactician Marshal Massena in the bottom. Bonaparte was not a gentleman on the shooting field and liked to blame others for his mistakes. Having shot Massena, he turned to his long suffering Chief of staff Marshal Berthier, and asked, 'Why did you do that?'

The Duke of Wellington was not much better. At various shoots he peppered Lord Granville, British Ambassador to France, a beater and a washerwoman. Though quite what the washerwoman was doing in the shooting field is unknown'

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