Waterproof Hunting Coats and Overbreeches


These are becoming increasingly popular for use on really wet and cold days.

The coats come in a range of standard sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large. The fitting of these coats is a little strange as they are designed to go over the hunt coat. They can tend to appear a little big until the rider is in the saddle. They look tidy and are comfortable but it should be remembered they are a practical garment to keep out wet and cold weather, not a close tailored coat. The emphasis is on practicality, warmth and comfort, not ornament.

The coats come in Red, Black and Blue for Men, Blue, Black and Green for Ladies and Black and Green for Children 

The overbreeches come in buff/beige only. The sizing of these breeches is again not an exact science as they are designed to go over other items. The guide is a range from Extra Extra Small (to fit waist size 28") to Extra Large (to fit 40" waist). The leg lengths are long and this is necessary since when your leg is in the riding position that extra length is taken up.

Options for sizing and colours for the coats and the overbreeches are clearly shown in the product boxes below.



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